This module is for Glossary


a community or network of different people or systems that work together in order to achieve common goals and shared values


the act of freeing someone from another person’s control


a combination of attitudes and abilities that help a person take control of their actions and life

Social change:

the process of transforming our communities and societies to reflect the values that we believe in as a collective

Social Change Ecosystem Map:

a framework that helps people align with social change values, individual roles, and ways to contribute personal skills to work with others for social change. This tool was developed by Deepa Iyer, an activist and writer from Building Movement Project.

Social change role :

ten different roles a person can take to create social change in the community. The characteristics of each role are:
  1. Builders: We develop, organize, and implement ideas, practices, people, and resources in service of a collective vision.
  2. Caregivers: We nurture and nourish the people around us by creating and sustaining a community of care, joy, and connection.
  3. Disruptors: We take uncomfortable and risky actions to shake up the status quo, raise awareness, and build power.
  4. Experimenters We innovate, pioneer, and invent. We take risks and course-correct when necessary.
  5. Frontline responders: We address community crises by marshaling and organizing resources, networks, and messages.
  6. Guides: We teach, counsel, and advise, using our gifts of well-earned discernment and wisdom.
  7. Healers: We recognize and tend to the generational and current traumas caused by oppressive systems, institutions, policies, and practices.
  8. Storytellers We craft and share our community stories, cultures, experiences, histories, and possibilities through art, music, media, and movement.
  9. Visionaries: We imagine and generate our boldest possibilities, hopes, and dreams, and remind us of our direction.
  10. Weavers: We see the through-lines of connectivity between people, places, organizations, ideas, and movements.


core beliefs that are important to you